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General Rules

OOC Rules

These rules apply to OOC chat and meta stuff, and are to be punished by non-IC means.

  1. ) NO GRIEFING. Griefing/teamkilling will get you banned right away at first offense, with no appeal. Claiming not to know the rules is not a valid excuse.
  2. ) NO ERP. Erotic Roleplay will get you kicked and warned at the first offense, and banned at the second.
  3. ) NO METAGAMING. Using knowledge from a previous life or as a ghost etc. knowledge you shouldn't know in your current IC character. Such as dying and running back to where you died to loot your own corpse or kill whoever killed you. You'll get a warning the first time and the next time is a ban, duration is up to the banning admin.
  4. ) No IC in OOC / Spouting memes IC or spamming OOC [Punishment = Mute from OOC via player panel]
  5. ) No ahelping sentence fragments. Say everything you want to say in one sentence. Spamming ahelp wont get you what you want. [Punishment = AHELP ban via player panel]
  6. ) No Obscene nicknames. Examples include naming yourself nigger while playing a Carib. Reference names such as Jack Sparrow and Black Beard, as well as other historic names and references, are allowed as long as your not overly obnoxious with it.
  7. ) Non player-targeted offenses and racism are allowed. Keep the chat clear from drama and do not troll or induce chaos. This will get you muted from OOC at best and banned at worst. Racism and offenses are allowed if they are purely used while IC and when Roleplaying, if applicable. (Example: Pirates being racist to Natives; Portuguese taunting the Spanish)
  8. ) Anything not listed in rules above is an IC problem and should not be ahelped. If you do ahelp them the admin has free choice whether or not its truly a valid complaint. If you feel an admin was wrong with their choice make a complaint on the discord and quote this section of the rules.
  9. ) Killing of SSD players will not be tolerated. You may loot them, but thats it. Under no circumstances are you to kill SSD players.
  10. ) Being a toxic nuisance to staff and disrespecting staff multiple times even after being warned to stop can result in a ban.
  11. ) You cannot kill yourself and respawn to get to whatever region you want to spawn at (Applies to continents nomads map). It's unfair to the rest. You get what you get and make the most of it.

IC Rules

To be dealt with primarily by IC punishments. If those are unavailable, or have no effect, OOC punishments will be applied.

  1. ) Play your role to the best of your abilities. Don't spawn as a Civilian/Support job and charge at the enemy. You have a job, do it (This does not include self defense. Someone comes at you with a sword, feel free to pick up that kitchen knife.). [Punishment = Job ban / faction ban]
  2. ) No team killing unless you are the captain and have a valid reason for execution. Examples include poisoning the stew, or blowing up groups of allies with canons or grenades on purpose. Individual fights are ok.

Faction Specific Rules


When playing as a faction on a map, keep in mind these facts:

  1. ) Each map has 2 rival factions, possibly a neutral faction, and possibly a friendly one (civilians) depending on the map.
  2. ) Neutral factions (Tribals,pirates possibly another faction depending on the map) can act aggressively towards any faction but if they do so it is expected that they get attacked by said faction (if they attack civilians they would be attacked by factions such as the Portuguese Spanish and British)
  3. ) It is against the rules to attack civilians unless the attacker is a pirate or a tribal. Exceptions can be found on Rule 1 of countries.
  4. ) the 2 rival factions (for example, in the naval battle map, Pirates vs Brits) are to always be aggressive towards each other.
  5. ) Attacking neutral factions that are passive is frowned upon unless if said faction is the pirates and the attacker is not the Tribals (this is to allow communication between the neutral faction and other factions to allow for alliances to be made.)
  1. ) Attacking Civilians is NOT allowed, except if said civilian is: 1) Carrying weapons when there are orders from high command for them to not do so; 2) Being aggressive towards the military forces; 3) Entering off-limits areas (i.e. Ship's armory); 4) Voluntarily aiding or joining an enemy side.
  2. ) Disobeying officer orders will get you beaten. Respect the chain of command (though mutinies might be valid under some circumstances). Executions are possible but should be reserved for extreme cases (desertion, constant refusal to carry on orders even after being punished, being a traitor/aiding the enemy)
  3. ) Pirates are valid targets at all times, but restraint is encouraged unless they are overtly agressive.
  4. ) Natives should be avoided and treated with caution. We don't want to start a war with the tribes.
  5. ) Surrendering enemies should be taken prisoner if possible, especially if they are part of other countries - we are not savages.
  6. ) While alcohol rations are available, they are to be used with restraint. Being drunk in a combat situation will get you punished.
  7. ) The usage of enemy uniforms is dishonorable and should be punished and avoided. Soldiers on our side who use enemy uniforms are valid targets and risk getting mistaken for enemies.

RP Gamemode Rules


Generally civilians whether it be Colony, civilizations, or 4 Colonies, will be restricted to HRP. This means not running around spouting memes and murdering people for the smallest things.

  1. ) No starting wars or conflicts with other civilizations, colonies, etc. Unless provoked with something really good. This means 2 guys fighting shouldn't start a war, thats a small conflict.
  2. ) You cannot begin wars or assaults through war until an announcement is made by an admin. If there are no admins on, then you cannot KOS the faction/tribe. You then have to show up and RP it confronting them. Such as "We're going to war with you, surrender and be assimilated or die."
  3. ) You cannot kill someone wordlessly. You must have escalating RP, good IC reason, and a confrontation. Such as someone stole your sweet roll. You ask them, "did you steal my sweet roll?", they reply "yes", to which you say "ok" and butcher them. Thats not allowed. Instead of "ok", say something that will warn them combat may ensue, such as "you have committed crimes against Dai Nam and her people, what say you in your defense?" and then they'll likely say "I'd sooner die!" and the fight begins or you/they make the first move. The only times escalation is void is in 1. An Admin announced war. or 2. When someone is told to stop, but runs away not allowing the escalation to take place, thus making it void.
  4. ) If you ahelp to have permission to assassinate someone (not escalating and killing them stealthily such as oil in their mug of wine) and they grant it then you may assassinate them thus not confronting them or escalating. But it needs good IC reason for it to be an assassination as well as be extremely stealthy. Not just pop out a closet and shank some king to death. (For admins they need approval from another admin whether it be through discord or in game chats).
  5. ) You cannot kill people that are "outlawed" without a word unless a public announcement was made and you actually heard or were informed of it. Not because your allies say they did something, you've no idea if that is true. A flyer can count as informing you. RP and Escalation (mainly a confrontation) is required once again after 5 minutes when neither party has exchange blows. Meaning you can't be hit once and run off sniping them with a bow 20 minutes later.
  6. ) (In case of civilizations/nomads) You are not against the other tribes, you're all neutral. One of your main goals is to advance, not murder all the others. Create trade and diplomatic relations, not hostile guerrilla warfare battles.
  7. ) You cannot use a famous name that most are likely to know (eg. Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Ben Shapiro etc.)
  8. ) Act realistically to your wounds, meaning you can't lose an arm and say "Tis but a scratch!" and rambo whatever your against.
  9. ) Things that are realistically IC handled and easily handled, should be handled ICly. Such as a thief, a murderer with a good IC reason, or even corrupt government officials.
  10. ) Revolutions shouldn't happen unless well organized, and have at least tried to gain more members. Otherwise its just one guy greifing the Town guards.
  11. ) Speak at the current epoch/era. This means you don't say things like "bro" and "sis" at 313 B.C. It's too modern. No netspeak, type out the full words, and no internet memery.
  12. ) FIRE is not a toy. You must have IC reason to burn a structure down (like a house), and it has to be controlled (meaning digging dirt around the "to be burnt" area). If you wish to create a fire that's uncontrolled say to destroy an enemy village in a war, AHELP IT. If theres no response, assume you can't and don't do it.
  13. ) Do not take a side in a fight you stumble upon without knowing why it's happening. Ask first, then pick a side or stay out of it. Often it's either grief, failed escalation, or some corrupt guard tryna kill a civilian. Then you're taking the side of your fellow guard and helping them break a rule or break IC laws. Just try not to get involved in the first place.
  14. ) If you don't know someone else's language and so you two try to communicate via paper, whispering, etc. or any other exploit making the language barrier void, depending on the method, admins can make you blind or deaf. You can use custom emote to try and signal/sign what you want to say without stating the actual message. Another method is describing a drawing, once again, without stating the actual message.