Guide to Ranching

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Well, from the very start of the Neolithic age, Humanity has started domesticating animals.

(All Livestock can be named if you right click on them while they have no title)

  • Chickens: Chickens, everybody loves chicken! These livestock will lay eggs and produce chicks if they are held in a 5x5 Cage.
  • Cows: Cows, the red meat of the group. You can milk them with a wooden bucket or butcher them for meat and leather (Highly discouraged though), they can breed in a 5x5 Cage as well.
  • Horses: Horses, they roam free across the land and are among the most useful of domesticated animals (You can ride the horse by Drag Clicking yourself onto the Horse)
  • Camels: Camels are very useful pack animals they carry almost anything on their backs after you place a bag on their backs.
  • Goats: Goats are basically the middle eastern version of a cow.


To simply get these animals to multiply, you have to have them in a fairly small area and cramp them. For cows you need a bull and a cow cramped in a fairly small area and they'll eventually get to it. Chickens just need at least 2 and one needs to lay an egg and be sitting on top of it for awhile. Try customizing your chicken coops making it so they are unable to move off their egg.(Only the Cows, Chickens, and Turkey's can Breed for now)